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This is a VEGAN variant of the Haitian Soup Joumou. I wanted to create a soup that gave homage to both my heritage as a Haitian and an African American, incorporating the traditional squash, collard greens, and black eyed peas! READ BELOW FOR BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND RECIPE!

BACKGROUND: On January 1, 1804, the Republic of Haiti gained independence from French colonial rule. Before this day, a Haitian slave was forbidden from eating Joumou, an exotic squash native to the island.

They were restricted to a diet of an ounce of salted meat/fish with a piece of bread and a can of lemonade. The French settlers would eat the delicious soup joumou, bragging how wonderful it was and that the slaves could not eat it because it would give them intellect.

When the Haitians conquered the war in Gonaives, Jean Jacques Dessaslines declared that Haitians were free! A huge pot of Soup Joumou was made in the center of the city and given in mass communion style. 

Soup Joumou is not only a tradition to Haitian households, it is a symbol of an answered prayer for peace, freedom, and brotherhood.

RECIPE: Chop yellow squash, radishes, carrots, black eyed peas & collard greens (for good fortune). Boil to a simmer with vegetable broth. Once vegetables are tender, add squash puree and seitan and season to taste. 

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